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Today’s post comes from Duckwrth with incredible visuals and creative vision. Duckwrth is more than a artist, he is a curator of art, he lives in the unknown and has mastered how to convey the world through his lens. We are so excited for his success, and can’t wait to see what’s next! Make sure you stream his video below and as always…

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Lay Up

Some days you just feel like sleeping in all day with that special someone and forgetting about life’s problems only focusing on each others energy. Not only does Ella Mia relate but she made a song for such days with her latest release “lay Up” in which she soaks up sun vibes by the poolside enjoying dinner and life with her love. This single comes at the perfect time setting the tone for valentines day make sure you stream the video below and as always…

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Trap Tears

Raury, a musical prophet for the youth has received much praise and recognition in the music industry with his constructive content and positive vibes, which hasn’t particularly translated into album sales. Nonetheless Raury pushes forward and continues to build his buzz by throwing his own music festivals (raurfest), embarking in his own clothing line and touring the country. Touching the heart and soul of his fans, using frequencies to enlighten his audience becoming the spokesperson for the millennia’s and indigo’s of the new age as well as connecting with old school hippie’s. With a style that can be compared to Andre 3000 and Jimi Hendrix it’s not hard to see why. Raury brings us a visual for his latest song “Trap Tears” an collaboration with fellow Atlanta native Key! Explaining the trap lifestyle with an alternative perspective, blending melodies form an acoustic guitar he creates a folk trap sound that’s unique and different. Transcending genres and race Raury focuses on the struggles of living in poverty and the traps most fall into. To stream the video click the link below and as always….

Appreciate The Art | Admire The Craft

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