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Princess Nokia blesses us with her latest single “Mermaid”, a three piece montage about government, skin color, turning up and being happy. Ending on a serious note becoming completely transparent opening up about her childhood and upbringing. Encouraging others to find motivation in here struggle and success. Make sure you stream this video below and as always…

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‘God Knows’

Today’s post comes from Naiji Person as he releases his latest masterpiece ‘God Knows” a testimony of Naiji life’s struggles. One that previously only him and God knew about, God Knows isn’t just a song its a blueprint of how faith in better days to come will keep you warm during the coldest nights. Make sure you check this creative lyricist below and as always…

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Nu Africa

Today’s post comes from the lyrical hyena, CyHi The Prince as he blesses us with his vision for a new world in his latest single “Nu Africa”. Showing visuals of inner city living in America with protesters expressing their discontent for the “Land of the Free”. Declaring a decree for all indigenous people to return to their land, encouraging listeners and peers to invest in each other to build their own society in the pursuit of happiness. Calling out celebrities to redirect their money into investments on soil in the Mother Land rather than the other land. Transforming the thinking of the youth to expand their horizons while challenging years of generational suffrage from it’s oppressors. Summarized by a timeless piece from the amazing poet Ernestine Johnson at the end  dropping knowledge while adding to the message.

stream the video below and as always…

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Grow UP

When you mix conceptual lyrics with flawless production and state of the art visuals you produce a recipe for success and the young phoenix Max Wonders delivers such a masterpiece with his latest single ‘Grow Up’. This Dc native speaks about staying child-like at all time never losing his innocents to society and growing up to see the corruption and devastation of the world.

“wish’n I was a kid again/ I want to hang on the swings/ instead of hanging from tree’s”

Touching a wide range of topics about drug use amongst teens, police brutality and a revolution through the music. “Grow Up” delivers a impactful message while allowing the listener to get t’d up, a perfect marriage of witty lyrics, unique cadences and next level production from Quinton Dominquez as he manipulates the 808 like a magician. Make sure you stream the video below you will thank us later and as always….


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Today’s post comes from Perez a multi-talented artist who has blessed our page before and as promised has returned with his latest single “Cloak[s]”. This poetic street narrative explains life’s trials and tribulations while capturing the raw emotion of today’s youth growing up in poverty stricken environments. Perez paints a honest and transparent outlook of his environment while touching on hard topics and discussing the consequences of such conditions. Offering an elevated perspective to his surroundings by analyzing the actions of his peers as  cause and effect, looking past the surface and digging to the core and essence of this generational cycle. Giving a bird’s eye view of the negative influences surrounding and suffocating neighborhoods, creating poison within the communities. Stating that often times the one’s we look to for guidance are the same one’s keeping us down.

“Teacher’s said we ain’t gone be shit/ we done F*ucked round and believed it”

Perez explains psychological and educational problems in society while tackling real life situations with families’ and friends, using his words as a mirror of reflection for listeners. Make sure you stream “cloak[s]” below and catch him in Cincinnati October 21st as he shares the stage with Nas at Ubahn Fest….

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Today’s post comes from the Orlando native Kim as he pays homage to the goat Muhammad Ali on his latest single “Ali”.  Kim reference life to boxing and reminds listeners that we have to take punches life delivers, but no matter what life dishes out it not enough.  As he floats through life like a butter fly and stinging oppression like a bee, knocking out his obstacles as he strives to get better daily. Emphasizing the greatness of the goat and how he channels the same energy to succeed. Make sure you stream the video below and as always…

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Remy Banks, a charismatic 26-year-old rapper from Queens outlines his entire life story with his recent 11 track project “Higher”. Raised in the hip hop Mecca, Remy focuses on changing the current state of rap in the big apple by resurrecting original hip hop sound and soul. Not trying to be cool or fit in but rather just be himself and trust his uniqueness will carve its own lane.  Remy’s organic effortless style creates a smooth, laid back feel that you would hear being played at your neighborhood barbecue in the summertime. Calling on producers like  Black Noi$e, King Krule, Left Brain, and artist Syd The Kyd, D.R.A.M., and Hak,  collectively they add their ingredients and spices to cook up this classic material. Remy casually separates himself from the crowd by not limiting his music into a specific box and following the age-old theory of keeping quiet and allowing the work to speak. “Higher” inspires others to be themselves and be products of their environment, encouraging listeners to talk about what they know and embrace the lessons learned growing up as well as encouraging his audience to find their own voice and not be afraid to express what you are going through because your peers or society thinks it’s not cool. Combating the evils of everyday life with the power of individuality and self love.  To hear Remy’s  “Higher” EP stream the video below and as always…

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“Pocket” by Drag-On

Hip Hop Heads it’s been a cold winter, but Da Bassment is bringing you some HEAT from Ruff Ryders alum Drag-On with his new single “Pocket”. Since his 99’ breakout single “Down Bottom” ft. Juvenile (had girls twerkin on motorcycles waaaay before Miley Cyrus was thought of lol) this raw emcee has always gone hard in everything he’s done, earning him a gold certification for his debut album Opposite of H20 and movie roles in Exit Wounds and Cradle To The Grave. After a short hiatus from the game following his departure from Full Surface Records, Drag has been on a tear releasing underground bangers and freestyles under his own label Hood Environment. With his most recent single “Pocket” Drag displays his versatility as an artist, spittin’ bars as if it were the early 2000’s but with a swagger conducive to the growing times. The single was inspired by his humble beginnings with Ruff Ryders but also serves as a reminder to the new cats not to get out of pocket or the fire will come out. Be sure to download “Pocket” below and check out Drag-On’s Freestyle Pt.15 for some straight bars!!!


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Eargasm of the Week: “LOVE IS THE VISION” by Johnny Rain

Da Bassment’s Eargasm of the Week goes to “New Religion” by California-based singer Johnny Rain. Although Rain hasn’t exactly broken through into national recognition yet, he is well on his way. With his polished sound and unorthodox approach to music. This new uplifting single off his latest project titled “11” is a masterpiece. That instantly grabs your attention with its high-energy acoustic instruments accompanied by inspirational lyrics about using love as religion. “New Religion” gives off a subtle gospel feel with an undertone of repetitive handclaps that has become synonymous with songs being sung in church. Creating a joyful and pleasant sound that instantly draws you in with melodic chord progression and a voice that soothes the soul.  Giving you the feeling that everything will be alright while focusing on topics that most artist seldom speak on, Johnny takes you to church so to say with this song of celebration. Radiating good vibes through the speakers “New Religion” is a song that you can listen to while cleaning your room or motivation before riding to work. Press play on the song below, and you won’t be disappointed. Make sure you stay tuned for more in culture art and music here at Da Bassment.





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Van Gogh!


We all like artist for different reasons. Some listen for style and delivery, others for punchlines and hooks, but seldom do you run across a talent who has the whole package. Fresco Van Gogh, a native from Brooklyn New York, is spreading his wings in the Atlanta scene with his new project coming out first quarter this year called Brooklyn, GA. Van Gogh established a solid buzz in 2015 but is looking to make a splash in the industry this year. With a heavy 808 sounds accompanied with vigilant lyrics Van Gogh creates a perfect blend of East Coast gritty rap with a Down South “boomtrap” production, making it easy to see why this album will be a recipe for success. Fresco brings substance and content with thought provoking songs like “Stalin Freestyle” where he encourages you to stop staling in life and get out and get it, and “UNDRFTD” a single where he lets it be known he is not looking for any hand-outs  understanding his potential and knowing his future is in his handsChoosing the name Van Gogh automatically raises the bar of expectations and Fresco surely meets those expectations. Using his words to paint a picture for the listener and great production as his canvas when you hear Van Gogh’s music you can’t help to compare his music to a masterpiece. 

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