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Princess Nokia blesses us with her latest single “Mermaid”, a three piece montage about government, skin color, turning up and being happy. Ending on a serious note becoming completely transparent opening up about her childhood and upbringing. Encouraging others to find motivation in here struggle and success. Make sure you stream this video below and as always…

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All in My Head

TDE is unstoppable when it comes to emerging new talented artist into the light, it’s safe to say they are batting a thousand and with no surprise their new artist SIR delivers with his latest single “All in My Head”.  The song comes off the L.A. singer’s 2016 EP HER, and the new clip features him swaying slow motion in an underground parking lot. Make sure you check out the video below and as always

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Today we deliver a captivating song from Saint Millie as he spill’s his heart on the track with his new single “Habits”. Discussing how everybody goes through life picking up habits whether good or bad. Millie talks about the drug culture of his generation and how many youth are desensitized to drugs and look at it more routine than taboo, and for many this is a way of life. Comparing the fast lifestyle to an addicting drug that becomes Habit.  Stream the video below and as always….

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