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Want to return to the Garden?

Today’s post comes from the goddess Emeli Sande as she gifts her fans with a new video for her poignant single “Garden.” The misty visual finds the Scottish singer surrounded by exotic plants alongside special guests Jay Electronica and Aine Zion. Metaphorically speaking on returning to the beginning of consciousness (the garden). Referencing how the “sin” of love creates beautiful moments but also necessary chaos. Co-relating to the garden of eden connecting the story of Adam and Eve playing out in everyday society. Uncovering layers of deep sub-conscious thoughts tackling religion, spirituality and love. Through poetic dialogue that arouses the spirit when heard. Stream the video below and as always…

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Da Bassment Blog recently had the opportunity to sit down with the talented artist Perez and ask him a few questions about his new single “K+2| THE OATH” and career.

1. Whats Up With The Hat What Does It Represent?

“Well, Shit Doesn’t Really “Represent” Anything So To Speak. Just My Style I Guess. As A Child Growing Up My Parents Always Had Me Dressed Up, Wearing Fly Shit, That Was Always Accompanied With A Hat. Like I Remember On Like Valentines Day In ’01 I Had This Fly Ass Leather Trench Coat With A Leather Fedora. My Pops Always Had Me Fresh. He Was Influenced By Artists Such As Michael Jackson, Whodini, RUNDMC Who All Rocked Brim Hats, And So Therefore His Influence In Styled Transcended Down To Me.”

2. who inspires and influences you to push the envelope and create
original music?

“I Inspire Myself To Push The Envelope. Fuck Everyone Else And What Their Doing, I Live In My Own Creative Reality. I Tell My Own Story, Filled With Experiences And Narratives Illustrated Like No Other. Fuck A Boundary, Fuck A Genre, Fuck This Over-Saturated Ass Industry. As Far As I’m Concerned My Only Competition Is Myself And The Legendary Stature Of Those That I’m In Pursuit Of.”

And Who Would Those Artists Or Individuals Be?

“Marvin Gaye, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, The Doors, The Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Smokey Robinson, BB King, Muddy Waters, Scarface, Ice T, Prince, Rick James, Michael Jackson, MF Doom, Wu-Tang Clan, The Ohio Players, Slave, The Smiths, The Dead Kennedys, Black Sabbath, Black Flag, DJ Screw, Sid Viscious, Blondie, N.W.A., Ice Cube, Outkast, BDK, KRS One, Kool G Rap, LL Cool J, Rick Rubin, Russell Simmons, Nirvana, RUNDMC, The Beastie Boys, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Warhol, Queen, Roy Ayers, Stevie Wonder, Isaac Hayes, Parliament Funkadelic, N.E.R.D., White Stripes, James Brown, The Isley Bros., The Eagles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, ATCQ/Native Tongues, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, GunsNRoses, Pink Flyod, Led Zeppelin, Nas, 2Pac, Notorious BIG, Shit… And A Whole List Of More Dead Rockstars

3. Do you produce your own tracks?

“A Few Of My Forthcoming Projects I’ve Self Produced. In The Past And As Of Now My Sound Has Been Co-Created/Produced And Engineered With And By Izzy”

4. Jay Z or NaS? why?

“Neither. That Shits Mad Confusing. Fuck It. Nas Influenced Me More. Even On StillMatic. I Was A Kid! “I Know I Can”, And “One Mic” Reached Me On So Many Levels. Jay-Z Wasn’t Making Soul Music. Nigga Was Making Boss Moves. All His Shit Was Only Being Made By The Neptunes, Just Blaze, And Timbaland At That Time. By The Time The 2000’s Hit The Nigga Had Mad Money, And Made Shit That Encouraged Grown Ass Niggas To Wear Multicolored Du-Rags With Head Bands. The Nigga Co Signed Wearing Big Ass Mitchell And Ness Jerseys And Low Cut AF1’s. Shit Didn’t Reach Me.”

5. MJ or Prince why?

Prince. Musical Genius. Driven. Worked Countless Hours And Years In The Studio. Focusing On His Craft. Said Fuck The Fame And The Hype, Give Me The Hoes. Was Very Impressionable, Yet Maintained A Sense Of Humility For Decades.

6. Whats your 9-5 (this can tie into for what its worth) working at
wal mart to fund your career

“Shit. I’m Fresh Out Of School, Trying To Grasp On The Idea Of Adulthood And Ultimately Survival. I Need Money. Therefore I Have A Job. It’s Something That I Don’t Necessarily Hate, I Just Prefer Not Doing It. Sacrificing My Time And Energy For Their Dollars; I’ve Sold My Soul In A Sense. I’ve Completely Conformed, My Overall Personality, Ego, And Creativity Has Been Suppressed. The Thought Of It Is Just Draining. My Entire Day Consists Of Doing Something That I Don’t Even Like Doing, For A Corporation That Doesn’t Give A Shit About Me. But, I Have To Do It… Because Of The Fact That It Keeps Me Going And Doing What Needs To Be Done In My Position As A Young Starving Artist.”

7. If you could collab with any artist dead or alive music or painter any art who would it be and why?

“Fuck! Ummmm I’d Say Jim Morrison. ” “We’re Both Pretty Far Out.”

8. Where do you see yourself and your music in a year?

“Touring. Producing. Recording. Creating. Progressing.”

9. Let me hear in your best written verse?

I Don’t Have Just One “Best” Written Verse. I’m Young. I’m Still Young, Im Still Developing And Growing. I Don’t Freestyle. Shout Out To Yatchy & Uzi For Standing Up For The Young Niggas Out Here Getting Flack For Not Dropping An Entire Full Length Double Disc Album As A Freestyle. Why In The Fuck Would I Drop Album Material For A Goddamn Interview? Just To Prove That I Got Bars!? Wait For The Project, Damn.”

10. Do you have any shows coming up where can people check out your music?

“Ubahn Fest Featuring Nas, Desiigner, MGK, Murs, Etc. October 21st 2016”

make sure you check out his latest single below and as always….


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Bare Soul Yoga

Yoga represents many things to many people but for me yoga means a connection between the mind and body, yoga represents peace, tranquility and concentration. It is a gateway exercise to release stress and stay grounded to the universe and yourself. With the recent health renaissance taking place we are seeing people take responsibility for their own health and using organic and ancient practices opposed to trusting the doctors and hospitals whole-heartedly. With this increase in healthy living we are still only seeing a small percentage of black woman participating in yoga, whether they feel out of place or intimidated by a different body structure its plain to see that more black yogi teachers are needed. With only two percent of Black women in the United States practicing yoga out of the 16 million women in the United States, only 30 thousand black women do yoga. Which is why we are here to break the mold with ‘Aziza Love’ a talented yoga instructor in training aiming to put some color in the yoga world. Aziza uses yoga to promote physical as well as mental wellness, understanding the many chronic diseases that plague the black community which can be reversed with daily yoga routines. Brining peace and serenity to a community that suffering from anxiety and confusion. Creating the platform for folks of color with different shape bodies to be included and not fell intimidated. Black women are not the face of yoga but that doesn’t mean that they are not meant for it. Inclusion is necessary, we all need to feel welcomed and supported and at Bare Soul Yoga you can do just that, a place to heighten the mind and body. Make sure you stream the video below and as always….

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Big Talk

When you think of Milwaukee the last thing you are thinking is rap, especially a silver surfin’ wavy artist making a splash in the industry in a huge way. Today we have a treat for you as we introduce you to Wave Chapelle and his latest track “Big Talk”. Recently being signed to Yo Gotti’s label Wave Chapelle is living up to his name as drips through the industry with his clever cadence and energetic delivery. Make sure you stream below and as always…

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Find Me

When you think of Rhode Island a lot of thoughts come to mind but music isn’t one especially hip hop, which makes today post a unique one. Khary delivers golden bars with his most recent single “Find Me”. This single showcases Khary relentless style of delivery with continual metaphorical punch lines over a heavy brass production. Khary speaks about finding himself and challenging his listeners to do the same, encouraging you to over stand the validation of others and seek your own light, eliminate fear and stop letting others opinions mold your life. Overall this upbeat track makes you want to move and sends a positive message, but don’t take my word for it check it out below….

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Jacuzzi La Fleur 

The dreadlocked whiz kid from the six is back with more nostalgic visuals for your pleasure. Jazz Cartier a Toronto nomad teams up with director Kyle Sanderson to drop two videos in one, combining “The Valley/Dead or Alive.” Both songs coming off his debut mix tape “Marauding in Paradise” which was released in 2015. The mysterious rappers versatility radiates over the boom-bap production while adding a unique OVO-contagious style that analysis his hometown from a bird’s eye view. Starting off trekking through the night Jazz welcomes everyone to the dark side of his city during the first part of this video, while subtly transforming to a softer lighter tone during the second, all while retaining the same intensity and creating an effective sound that embodies duality. The cinematography is filled with cryptic material which accents the artist lyrics to perfection. Demonstrating his strong will to survive and succeed in spite of the surrounding hate. We expect this year to be Cartier breakthrough year and look forward to more content. Press play on the link below and tell us what you think.

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“Pocket” by Drag-On

Hip Hop Heads it’s been a cold winter, but Da Bassment is bringing you some HEAT from Ruff Ryders alum Drag-On with his new single “Pocket”. Since his 99’ breakout single “Down Bottom” ft. Juvenile (had girls twerkin on motorcycles waaaay before Miley Cyrus was thought of lol) this raw emcee has always gone hard in everything he’s done, earning him a gold certification for his debut album Opposite of H20 and movie roles in Exit Wounds and Cradle To The Grave. After a short hiatus from the game following his departure from Full Surface Records, Drag has been on a tear releasing underground bangers and freestyles under his own label Hood Environment. With his most recent single “Pocket” Drag displays his versatility as an artist, spittin’ bars as if it were the early 2000’s but with a swagger conducive to the growing times. The single was inspired by his humble beginnings with Ruff Ryders but also serves as a reminder to the new cats not to get out of pocket or the fire will come out. Be sure to download “Pocket” below and check out Drag-On’s Freestyle Pt.15 for some straight bars!!!


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