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Black Panther

Comics have been ruling the box office and movie theaters for the past ten years, re-visiting childhood memories and producing new ones for the younger generation. Since Marvel and DC have been releasing movie versions of their famous comics you can’t help but notice the one-sided over saturated superhero typically portrayed as one race. Which can subconsciously send a message to viewers that all superhero’s are one race, but with the new release of Marvel’s film Black Panther those stereotypes are being broken. Ta-Nehisi Coates is to thanks for the rebooting of the print and not only has he written the script but he is featuring hip-hop duo “Run the Jewels.” to introduce the superhero. The first installment uses “Run the Jewels” “oh my darling” while Coates explains the backstory and the challenges the superhero faces in his homeland. Watch the version of Run the Jewels and Black Panther below and as always

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There’s something special about being able to transfer your imagination and ideas to paper, especially when you have an imagination like Markus Prime, a 28 year old cartoon/portrait artist from New York. Prime’s artwork is very refreshing and unique as he draws cartoon characters we have grown up watching and adds his creative spin to them creating superhero’s and characters that defy societies norm, like illustrating black women as superhero’s, to create an image with children they normally wont see on television. Prime is challenging normality and deconstructing the standard in cartoons and comics, creating drawings for children of all colors to enjoy. Subconsciously he is planting a seed in a young mind that they to can do super human things and be heroes in their own lives. Growing up, Prime would use his drawings as a way to cope with his emotions and deal with his problems. Now he has matured into a well-known artist who’s goal is to redefine the cartoon and comic culture with diversity. With over 100k followers on Instagram Prime is starting to become well known and appreciated by the masses, using his art to change the culture and impact the youth. Prime looks at his work as a movement to raise awareness and confidence with all who come in contact with it, conveying a message within each illustration.  You can see more artwork from Prime by visiting his website at mlnnprime.com

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