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‘God Knows’

Today’s post comes from Naiji Person as he releases his latest masterpiece ‘God Knows” a testimony of Naiji life’s struggles. One that previously only him and God knew about, God Knows isn’t just a song its a blueprint of how faith in better days to come will keep you warm during the coldest nights. Make sure you check this creative lyricist below and as always…

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Only One

Lorine chia is definitely embracing her Queenhood in her contemporary upbeat reggae blues track “Only One”. Emphasizing the loneliness that has came over time through the winter months forcing her to look toward her own solitude for some time to  introspect the entire situation. It is hard to dwell on the former memories and impact your significant other brought  to your life. Continually reminiscing and ruminating indefinitely freezes you in a season full of barren branches and/or life growth. For you cannot move on holding onto old what if’s, and maybe’s. With seasons changing Lorine reminds listeners to hold on to your proper Queenhood or Kingship by strategizing and internally allow the current change to grow you and not wither your status. Remember you hold your status in life and  dictate future. Make sure you stream the video below as Ms. Lorraine Chia brings us to a place of germination….Appreciate the Art| Admire the Craft


In the very beginning of the stellar music video, ‘Time Zone,’ Saba puts you in a place of questioning complacency and staying in your comfort zone. Saba, is a very thought provoking artist, reminding us that seeing the same is never okay in the process of evolving into yourself. Visually him and his team create, in your current timezone, a visual spark to make you think. “17 living out a dream while these niggas want to sleep…” Upon making movements toward your place of completion of your vision, you will have the places in your current lifestyle that will have to either stay behind or evolve with your change. Wisdom comes from the minds of the old but the young are also holders of these key to life as well. Saba wants himself and those able to connect with him, to be able to expand the places of their minds that they normally do not tap into. “Are you down?” Saba want you to get out of your comfort zone and expand your reality and remember always….


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Space Invadaz

Hip-Hop and New Age spirituality may seem like an odd combination, but for the Space Invadaz, rap and the quest for enlightenment go together like Yin and Yang. The Cincinnati, Ohio duo consist of the seasoned vet Donte the GR8 and talented Buggs tha Rocka, two forward-thinking lyricist creating timeless music. The two indigo’s released their debut project titled ‘Contact’ earlier this year, and the philosophical message is golden. Speaking on social injustices and current events as well as topics on corrupted occults and government. All while exploring the concept of opposites: higher and lower self, body and mind, confusion and clarity, peace and war. The first half of ‘Contact’ is the lighter side of the record: mellow in mood and cerebral in subject matter, avoiding empty platitudes by getting autobiographical and letting us know that their own paths to self-discovery and positivity weren’t necessarily straight and narrow. Which ties into the second half, a darker more aggressive tone on the album in which they make clear that they are products of the Cincinnati streets that they were raised in and while their heads are in the clouds they are still very much rooted in the real world. Ultimately Space Invadaz captures balance in their sound by mixing droning bass lines and triplet hi-hats with calm melodic spaciness. Creating music you can relate to as well as turn up. Their high energy tracks are complemented with brash attitude and intricate flows that takes you back to the golden-era of hip hop. Stream this classic below and check out their latest videos for the project as well… as always…

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Toronto isn’t the only city in Canada with talented rappers. Montreal is growing like yeast as well, but Wasiu wants you to know that he is not from here but “Other Space.” This video places Wasiu around an commanding cubical cylinder to get lit with. The track’s mood reminds you of a stable fog, going from cold and barbarous to a celebration in half a bar. Wasiu plays with the concept of duality and opposition questioning everyday living and society. Implanting the idea that the Montreal scene is invading hip-hip and music industry by force. Stream the video below and as always

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