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Clay Life

Art comes in many forms, but rarely do you see it displayed tasteful with clay, specifically characters made from clay. Lisa Mathews a self-taught artist from Dayton, OH breaks the stereotype of traditional art with her unique form of visual art. Lisa a mother of two creates characters with polymer clay, she began pursuing her career with no experience and all the will. Determined to leave corporate America she began to blaze her own trail, educating herself in the field of clay characters Lisa started making beautiful pieces for decoration then taking it a step further creating customized chess pieces.  Ever since Lisa swallowed her fears and followed her artistic  dreams her work has been exhibited and noticed across the country at art festivals and galleries, in 2012 she was awarded “Best in Show” from the International Polymer Clay association for her sculptures. She is truly a gem and we look forward to seeing her growth. Check out her work below and as always…

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