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Want to return to the Garden?

Today’s post comes from the goddess Emeli Sande as she gifts her fans with a new video for her poignant single “Garden.” The misty visual finds the Scottish singer surrounded by exotic plants alongside special guests Jay Electronica and Aine Zion. Metaphorically speaking on returning to the beginning of consciousness (the garden). Referencing how the “sin” of love creates beautiful moments but also necessary chaos. Co-relating to the garden of eden connecting the story of Adam and Eve playing out in everyday society. Uncovering layers of deep sub-conscious thoughts tackling religion, spirituality and love. Through poetic dialogue that arouses the spirit when heard. Stream the video below and as always…

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Atlanta-bred beauty takes her music into her own hands: she writes, sings and even is a self-taught producer. Abra kicked off her flourishing career by covering popular southern hip hop songs on YouTube. It wasn’t long before Awful Records (Atlanta based label) brought her under their wings. The vocal goddess sound is completely different and refreshing. The sultry singer has combined her love for R&B, house and 90’s pop with an upbeat dance vibe which can be heard on her latest EP, Roses. Abra has not lost her hunger and still writes her own lyrics and creates her own beats, she still records out of her walk in closet that’s in her parents’ house. She may not have the bells and whistle of a professional studio which creates a competent polished sound, but it’s original. Abra’s music tends to favor low bass lines and distortions, which pair well with her high-pitched, slightly edgy voice. Each song deals with real life situations we all can relate to, clarifying topics about friendships and break-ups, to mistakes and lessons learned from personal experiences. Since embarking in the music scene Abra has released two mix tapes: “BLQ Velvet” in January of last year, and “Rose” five months after. Below is her latest 12-track project “ROSE” press play and get lost inside her world. And as always…

Appreciate The Art | Admire The Craft



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