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From The Streets To The Stove

Chef Jeff Henderson has gone from drug dealer to celebrity chef/TV personality.  An amazing story about the power of food and atonement. Jeff Henderson grew up in a neighborhood stricken with  poverty, abandoned homes, people sleeping in cars and drug dealers on every corner, needless to say it’s been a long road for the South Central LA chef. During his teenage years Henderson began selling drugs in his community making thousands a week, more than the average teenager or adult for that matter. By 24 he was arrested and would spend the next decade in federal prison. While serving time Henderson began to read books and worked in the kitchen where he discovered a passion for food. Henderson began honing his craft in cooking, writing, speaking and business while incarcerated in order to apply it when released. When discharged Jeff started washing dishes for one of the top casinos in Las Vegas, eventually earning a position as a chef. Later becoming the first African American chef at the Bellagio. Not satisfied Jeff took his cooking a step further and began hosting TV shows like “Flip My Food’ and “Celebrity Chef” which can be found on the food network channel. Following up with three cookbooks teaching recipes for cooking as well as success in life. Henderson, a shining example of how hard work and dedication can overcome your obstacles despite how great they are. For the latest news on Chef Henderson stay checking in to the Da Bassment as we keep a close eye on this culinary master.

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