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Lay Up

Some days you just feel like sleeping in all day with that special someone and forgetting about life’s problems only focusing on each others energy. Not only does Ella Mia relate but she made a song for such days with her latest release “lay Up” in which she soaks up sun vibes by the poolside enjoying dinner and life with her love. This single comes at the perfect time setting the tone for valentines day make sure you stream the video below and as always…

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Did you know Africa Looked like this?

Today’s post comes from Nigeria’s superstar artist Davido as he linked up with flourishing 19 year old South African rapper Nasty C on “Coolest Kid In Africa” a trap-influenced track doused with culture. The two artist feed off each others energy, igniting a burst of energy to the listeners that resonates long after the song is over. The representation of the thriving culture in Africa is necessary for American’s to see, being blinded by media for years with false representation of the motherland. Forced to believe through saturated imagery that Africa was a place of poverty and famine, a desolate land that was uninhabitable. Now through the Internet we are able to see how rich the land is and how similar the people are to our culture. Understanding that we are in separate locations but our spirits are the same. Make sure you check out Davido video below and as always…

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No Presidents

“Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” still in the year 2016, we are taught the illusion that our country ,The United States of America, is a perfect harmonious society. In reality, we suffer from many underlying societal flaws and fallacies. They are plaguing the people and pretending to provide salvation and false hope, implementing their govern laws and social structures to keep a hierarchy of power through control, creating a domino effect that’s generational afflicting poverty, mental instability and illness, failed education systems, manipulated penial institutions and poor health care. In result, this also creates a different kind of breed; one whom needs no assistance from the long arm that oppresses its people. Today we have such a word warrior from Memphis Tennessee, Jessi Jumanji, and she delivers food for thought with her debut single “No Presidents”. A very time sensitive song shedding light on topics such as the presidential election as well as the humane injustices haunting the Sam Dubose Trial in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Encouraging listeners to govern themselves no matter who’s in office, to take responsibility of their community by resurrecting self-sufficient business, and a nation of thinker’s who look within for leadership and stability. Eliminating a political system and government that promises to fix the same problems every four years. Forcing Jessi to raise the question do we really need a President to lead us? If the same problems have been trickled down since the birth of this nation, then why do we continue putting people in office who don’t deliver results? The definition of insanity is when you continue to do the same thing and expect different results; so, as a nation are we all just insane?

Stream this time sensitive material below and as always… Appreciate The Art | Admire The Craft

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With the heavy saturation of mumble rap and fashion artist in the mass media many Hip Hop fans tend to believe the art of word play and storytelling has died with their generation, this is not true there is a creative wave of artist pushing the envelope and forwarding the art in a positive light. Today’s post features one of those artist, a lyrical juggernaut named  STREET LIGHT an international recording artist from Detroit, MI known for his story-telling ability, genre-blending and lyrical diversity unleashes his latest single ‘Flatline’. A motivational message encouraging listeners to keep going, reminding his fans that they have been through worse and every obstacle placed in front of them serves as a testament to their character today. Street Light recently founded a media management and production company entitled ‘RED EMPIRE’ which atones that STREET LIGHT is not only leading with his words but with action as well. Make sure you stream ‘Flatline’ below and be on the lookout for more content from STREET LIGHT here at DA BASSMENT BLOG and as always…

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Shades of Blue

Todays post comes from the energetic talent Vince Mensa, as he uses his latest single “Blue Shades” to speak on the current state of Flint, Michigan touching on the water situation and how the government don’t care about people in poverty. Explaining his perspective about America and how there is a imbalance that needs fixing. Using his words to encourage listeners instead of leading them on a path of destruction. Opening eyes to the truth and reality of life, corruption of government and how we must collectively build our own communities and stop looking for handouts. Challenging listeners to be the change they want to see in the world, it first starts with self. Make sure you check out this inspiriational song and video below and as always…

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Joey Purp is reinventing the art of hustle. The 22-year old Chicago native come from the SaveMoney crew: a group of individual’s raising from the bottom with ambition and perseverance. Providing a voice that is relatable to the youth, painting a picture that they can understand. The latest project Joey released is call iiiDrops, an 11-track album which features popular artist like Chance the rapper, Vic Mensa and Mick Jenkins all heavy hitters coming out the Chicago area. Using his charisma to tackle the social injustice topics of Chicago, with his personal experiences to serve as an example and encourage listeners to deal with their problems head on. The production has a soulful gospels feel with a heavy horn sound that uplifts the soul. Providing that Sunday morning good feel in your speakers. All in all this project is a testimony to youth going through the struggle and need some direction. Make sure you stream the album and videos and as always…

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What Happened to Mos Def?


Recently Yasiin Bey’s has been communicating with his fans from his voice recordings. In January, he addressed his wellbeing and his arrest in South Africa on Kanye West’s website. He’s quoted saying “I am under unnecessary state supervision and scrutiny.” Today he posted another message on soundcloud in which he explains his cooperation on resolving the political matter in South Africa. Yasiin states that he is well and in good spirits. This 42-year-old has recently announced that he was retiring from music and acting. Which has prompted many hip hop fans to ask “What the Hell happened to Mos Def?” To answer this question is to follow Mos Def’s transformation since his name change in 2011. Yasiin changed his name as a reaction to the fear that Mos Def was being treated as a product, not a person. Two years later, another personal choice would make international headlines, Bey decided to move himself and his family to Capetown, South Africa in 2013. After moving to South Africa immigration and legal issues start to arise with his passport and vistors permit. He was not permitted to return to the U.S for his tour in Boston which forced him to cancel due to visa issues. Most recently Yasiin was arrested again at Cape Town International airport while attempting to leave the country and charged with violation of local immigration laws. Both Bey and his family lacked proper permits to be in the country. Having overstayed his visitors permit and being unable to present a valid United States Passport, but was able to present a World Passport, which is not widely accepted as an immigration document because anyone can get one with a notarized document and small fee. The vast majority of countries don’t accept this documentation including the United States, Japan, Russia and Canada.  Six days after his arrest Bey released a 10 minute recording on Kanye website titled a Message from Yasiin Bey. He ends the recording with the statement “No more parties in S.A.” and explains how he will be retiring from music and film immediately after he releases his final album later this year. We are looking forward to hearing and seeing Yasiin Bey and wish him the best of luck in his political endeavors. Make sure you stream his message below and as always

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