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Princess Nokia blesses us with her latest single “Mermaid”, a three piece montage about government, skin color, turning up and being happy. Ending on a serious note becoming completely transparent opening up about her childhood and upbringing. Encouraging others to find motivation in here struggle and success. Make sure you stream this video below and as always…

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Digital Art

25 year old Kimberly Drew is one of the art world’s rising new trend-setter, especially because her work is focused on disassembling the art world’s old gates. Recently named online community producer for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She handles content for all of Metropolitan’s social media accounts and digital photography presenting the museum’s collection and exhibitions. Discovered from her Instagram fame @MuseumMammy which has over 82K followers, as well as the Black Contemporary Art Tumblr, which is one of the most all-inclusive collections of black art online. Drew’s accurate curation of Black Contemporary Art has strengthen the site as a digital, living museum, recording influential black artist around the world. Keep your eyes open on this gem and watch her interview below as she shines brighter and brighter and as always

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