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Food 4 Thought

When first creating Da Bassment Blog our intentions was to create a platform for underground artist to showcase their talent, while giving an outlet to unsigned artist who spoke from the heart with a raw un-filtered emotion that hasn’t been tampered or manipulated from record executives and corporations. In our 8 month endeavor we have found much success connecting new artist with fans, most being heard for the first time. This way was working well but we wanted to push the envelope and take it a step further. We wanted to transform Da Bassment Blog from digital to tangible, so we reached out to local artist Aziza, Izzy, Siri, Jumanji and Perez to be apart of Da Bassment Blog talent show case and mixer. ‘Food 4 Thought’ A captivating event for those who embody creativity, expression and revolution of ideas that captivate the senses and stimulates the mind. Using their art to speak on current events and social injustices taking place. Feeding the mind body and soul with poetry/ singing and spoken word as well as food and spirits provided by Elephant Walk (170 W McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45219) a Black owned business located in the heart of the university of Cincinnati campus. We encourage any body who enjoys good vibes, food and people to join us Saturday October 22,2016 from 6pm-10pm as we elevate the art of kick it and as always….

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Good vibes, good culture, and good people are what Sehiii brings at every event. This unique organization, stationed in Brooklyn New York, prides itself on providing a platform for artist to perform worldwide. In a world full of creators and artists it is necessary to have a place to show your work and also get inspired by other artists, the problem usually being finding a venue to do so. Sehiii is helping solve that problem with events such as open-mic nights where talented poet’s, rappers, and dancers can come showcase their skill in a positive comfortable atmosphere. They don’t stop there also offering body painting nights, fashion shows, and selling food. Decorated with art from around the world this colorful venue invites creativity and gives a certain magic that draws you in.  Sehiii also offers spaces for vendors and small business to sell their homemade products at each event as well as holding networking events. This live interaction with people creates genuine relationships and takes you back to a time when phones and social media didn’t dominate communication. Acknowledging the importance of human interaction Sehiii has laid a foundation for artist to experience real support from their peers, while creating a dope place to do it in the process. Located at 1103 Fulton Street NY, 11238 Sehiii is welcomed to the public and encourages all to come support the culture.

Appreciate the Art| Admire the Craft


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