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Grow UP

When you mix conceptual lyrics with flawless production and state of the art visuals you produce a recipe for success and the young phoenix Max Wonders delivers such a masterpiece with his latest single ‘Grow Up’. This Dc native speaks about staying child-like at all time never losing his innocents to society and growing up to see the corruption and devastation of the world.

“wish’n I was a kid again/ I want to hang on the swings/ instead of hanging from tree’s”

Touching a wide range of topics about drug use amongst teens, police brutality and a revolution through the music. “Grow Up” delivers a impactful message while allowing the listener to get t’d up, a perfect marriage of witty lyrics, unique cadences and next level production from Quinton Dominquez as he manipulates the 808 like a magician. Make sure you stream the video below you will thank us later and as always….


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Today we give you a musical genius who experiments with instruments the way an artist does paint. His recent visual to the song ‘Brea’ contains no words however the instrumentation provides its own story.  Graced by the beauty of a Ballerina in environments uncommon for a professional dancer, showing duality and two perspective’s  of the spectrum. This theme resides throughout the video with the black and white treatment shoots connecting conceptually to the song. Oddisee spends his day wandering the streets, while the elegant ballerina acts as a guardian angel watching every moment of failure and success channeling her emotion through dance. Mimicking each other  while demonstrating balance until they  eventually combining energies to duel humorously while celebrating and trading moves. Check out “Brea” below and as always…

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