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Oshun has been soaring into the stratosphere with their recent array of music, visuals and fashion creating art with a message, embedding culture and invoking thought into their listeners touching on modern day topics while connecting them to  divine/ancient law. The title of their latest single is called “Sango” (God of Thunder) which is the equal and opposite to Oshun, a masculine energy for balancing the female energy “Oshun”. This all may seem a bit mythological but Oshun connects this african myth/folktale into modern day relationships we face today. Confirming that nothing is new under the sun and how we are all one whether we realized it or not.  As always they depict beautiful cultured art pushing the envelop with visuals and fashion summoning vibes from the ancestors. Make sure you stream this video below and as always…

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All in My Head

TDE is unstoppable when it comes to emerging new talented artist into the light, it’s safe to say they are batting a thousand and with no surprise their new artist SIR delivers with his latest single “All in My Head”.  The song comes off the L.A. singer’s 2016 EP HER, and the new clip features him swaying slow motion in an underground parking lot. Make sure you check out the video below and as always

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Act 2

Today’s post comes from the talented musician singer and songwriter Izzy Rez as he releases his latest single ‘Act 2”. This song speaks about love in our generation or the lack of it, Izzy explains how in society today the chivalry is dead and we use money sex and drugs to substitute for love. Which in turn creates a viscous cycle in relationships, placing value on everything but love. Izzy plans on creating a new lane in RnB, one that uplifts the female spirit and teaches respect and love instead of discrimination and hate. Using his angelic voice as a vessel of light to speak on the social injustices of today while keeping you entertained with flawless production that marries perfectly together. Make sure you stream the song below and as always…

Appreciate The Art | Admire The Craft

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