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Today’s post come from an uplifting soul from Jersey who goes by the name of Kev Décor. This musical magician dispenses golden vibrations as he speaks on the power of alchemy: the power to change lead into gold, or the discipline to shift energy and emotions. Using a sample of Will Smith from the movie Pursuit of Happiness which encourages the listener to protect their dream, and seek new light. Kev explains the hardships of growing up and how he turned his struggle into success. Reminding all of us that we are all a part of the universe and  we are all connected even If on the outside we differ. Motivating listeners to see pass the earthly distractions we face daily and to remain focused on our goals and dreams. Make sure you give Kev a listen below and as always…

Appreciate The Art | Admire The Craft

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East Coast Ain’t Dead

Illanoise releases his very impressive album titled “East Coast Ain’t Dead”, a deep street knowledge driven album speaking on real life situations. His lyrical output is exceptionally original along with his cadence and polished delivery. This 21 track album may seem intimidating but Illnoise has accepted the challenge and holds his own on every track. His impressive talent stands out in an over-saturated game, placing him on a different level. Illnoise tracks shines light on the negative ways people are taking advantage of others, the problems of our country and relatable stories dealing with relationships. Overall this album will catapult him to the top of the Indie Hip Hop scene and if nothing else prove that East Coast Hip Hop is not dead as long as he is making music. Stream the album below and as always…

Appreciate The Art | Admire The Craft.


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