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Bare Soul Yoga

Yoga represents many things to many people but for me yoga means a connection between the mind and body, yoga represents peace, tranquility and concentration. It is a gateway exercise to release stress and stay grounded to the universe and yourself. With the recent health renaissance taking place we are seeing people take responsibility for their own health and using organic and ancient practices opposed to trusting the doctors and hospitals whole-heartedly. With this increase in healthy living we are still only seeing a small percentage of black woman participating in yoga, whether they feel out of place or intimidated by a different body structure its plain to see that more black yogi teachers are needed. With only two percent of Black women in the United States practicing yoga out of the 16 million women in the United States, only 30 thousand black women do yoga. Which is why we are here to break the mold with ‘Aziza Love’ a talented yoga instructor in training aiming to put some color in the yoga world. Aziza uses yoga to promote physical as well as mental wellness, understanding the many chronic diseases that plague the black community which can be reversed with daily yoga routines. Brining peace and serenity to a community that suffering from anxiety and confusion. Creating the platform for folks of color with different shape bodies to be included and not fell intimidated. Black women are not the face of yoga but that doesn’t mean that they are not meant for it. Inclusion is necessary, we all need to feel welcomed and supported and at Bare Soul Yoga you can do just that, a place to heighten the mind and body. Make sure you stream the video below and as always….

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