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Political Music

In the past month, musicians Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar have used two of pop culture’s biggest stages to showcase their political message.

Beyonce’s Super bowl halftime show included her controversial new song “Formation.” Meanwhile, Lamar took home five Grammy awards and offered a visually and lyrically stunning performance of his own songs at the awards show. Queen Bey held court at the Super Bowl half-time show, urging people to join the cause, and get in formation. Leading an army of Afro-American dancers in black attire through a series of choreographed maneuvers concluded with the pumping of raised fists. Compton rapper Lamar took the stage at the Grammy Awards in a different formation, stepping out shackled and chained a story many young Americans know too well. Offering visual metaphors of police brutality and the complexity of prison with his band caged inside cells. Ending the song with a jailbreak and transition to “Alright,” an anthem about the struggle, showing a resurrection from the chain gain. Both performances where political statements, displaying the power of music, addressing generational problems encouraging listeners to change the psychological cycle. Bringing awareness to former activist groups (black panthers) and paying homage to ancestors who created a counter culture with food co-ops, free clinics, underground newspapers and exemption from the draft. Promoting a self-sufficient lifestyle and unity within the community. To see re cap of both performances click the links below… and as always


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Van Gogh!


We all like artist for different reasons. Some listen for style and delivery, others for punchlines and hooks, but seldom do you run across a talent who has the whole package. Fresco Van Gogh, a native from Brooklyn New York, is spreading his wings in the Atlanta scene with his new project coming out first quarter this year called Brooklyn, GA. Van Gogh established a solid buzz in 2015 but is looking to make a splash in the industry this year. With a heavy 808 sounds accompanied with vigilant lyrics Van Gogh creates a perfect blend of East Coast gritty rap with a Down South “boomtrap” production, making it easy to see why this album will be a recipe for success. Fresco brings substance and content with thought provoking songs like “Stalin Freestyle” where he encourages you to stop staling in life and get out and get it, and “UNDRFTD” a single where he lets it be known he is not looking for any hand-outs  understanding his potential and knowing his future is in his handsChoosing the name Van Gogh automatically raises the bar of expectations and Fresco surely meets those expectations. Using his words to paint a picture for the listener and great production as his canvas when you hear Van Gogh’s music you can’t help to compare his music to a masterpiece. 

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