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The London-based Tanzanian artist Tiggs Da Author releases his latest uplifting energetic single “Run” featuring the magical Lady Leshurr. The 25 year old poet, rapper, singer, songwriter and producer is inspired by obscure 60s narrative film, East African Jazz and Motown. His resulting sound is very rare to say the least. In his latest track “Run” Tiggs explains escaping life’s troubles with a distinctively reminiscent style of a modern day Ray Charles. Encouraging listeners not to let life’s dramas bring you down and sometimes it’s better to just run! Tiggs is accompanied by the lovely Lady Leshurr who adds a warm vibe that makes you want to dance and sing along instantly. Already making headway this track appeared on Fifa ’16 and ITV’s 2015 Rugby World Cup trailer.  Shot in South Africa this video accents the catchy lighthearted lyrics perfectly with shots of people hanging out of cars while gusheshe drifting (a popular phrase in South African culture), dope breakdancing and choreographed dancers running throughout the fun kinetic clip. Check out the video below and as always…

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