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Want to return to the Garden?

Today’s post comes from the goddess Emeli Sande as she gifts her fans with a new video for her poignant single “Garden.” The misty visual finds the Scottish singer surrounded by exotic plants alongside special guests Jay Electronica and Aine Zion. Metaphorically speaking on returning to the beginning of consciousness (the garden). Referencing how the “sin” of love creates beautiful moments but also necessary chaos. Co-relating to the garden of eden connecting the story of Adam and Eve playing out in everyday society. Uncovering layers of deep sub-conscious thoughts tackling religion, spirituality and love. Through poetic dialogue that arouses the spirit when heard. Stream the video below and as always…

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‘Rise Up’

Toronto-based Soul/Pop artist Liz Loughrey drops an inspiring visual for her new single ‘Rise Up’. With over 2 million views on her Youtube channel, Loughrey has managed to create a devoted and growing fanbase by winning their hearts with her soulful sound blended with uplifting lyrics. Greatly influenced by Etta James and Sade, Loughrey is a genuinely old soul who creates a brand of pop that speaks to the past and signals a bright future.

Written and produced in Miami by Liz Loughrey, Adrian X (The Weeknd, Drake, Kylie Minogue) and Supa Dups (Drake, Party Next Door, Mary J Blige) Rise Up! is a catchy and refreshing song which stands for positive change. It is a call to action that says it’s time to stop living a life of complacency or in the words of the song, it’s time for us to ‘take less and give a little more’. Loughrey adds ‘Rise Up! is more than a song, it’s a movement. The #RiseUpMovement is all about telling the stories of people who are positively impacting the world and encouraging people of all ages and walks of life to Rise Up in their communities. We turn on the news and are constantly bombarded with negativity and so it’s easy to feel powerless, but the #RiseUpMovement is spreading the message that we can do amazing things when we work together.. when we make LOVE our theme, and PEACE our goal’. 

 With that objective in mind, Liz Loughrey has created the Rise Up Workshops. She is currently visiting schools across the country to encourage youth to think outside the box and start making their own positive impact on their community. The stories collected throughout her workshops will be shared on her website. Anyone can take part in the movement by submitting their own story on Social Media using the #RiseUpMovement hashtag.

Rise Up! is the debut single taken from her upcoming EP which is set to be released sometime next year.

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What Happened to Mos Def?


Recently Yasiin Bey’s has been communicating with his fans from his voice recordings. In January, he addressed his wellbeing and his arrest in South Africa on Kanye West’s website. He’s quoted saying “I am under unnecessary state supervision and scrutiny.” Today he posted another message on soundcloud in which he explains his cooperation on resolving the political matter in South Africa. Yasiin states that he is well and in good spirits. This 42-year-old has recently announced that he was retiring from music and acting. Which has prompted many hip hop fans to ask “What the Hell happened to Mos Def?” To answer this question is to follow Mos Def’s transformation since his name change in 2011. Yasiin changed his name as a reaction to the fear that Mos Def was being treated as a product, not a person. Two years later, another personal choice would make international headlines, Bey decided to move himself and his family to Capetown, South Africa in 2013. After moving to South Africa immigration and legal issues start to arise with his passport and vistors permit. He was not permitted to return to the U.S for his tour in Boston which forced him to cancel due to visa issues. Most recently Yasiin was arrested again at Cape Town International airport while attempting to leave the country and charged with violation of local immigration laws. Both Bey and his family lacked proper permits to be in the country. Having overstayed his visitors permit and being unable to present a valid United States Passport, but was able to present a World Passport, which is not widely accepted as an immigration document because anyone can get one with a notarized document and small fee. The vast majority of countries don’t accept this documentation including the United States, Japan, Russia and Canada.  Six days after his arrest Bey released a 10 minute recording on Kanye website titled a Message from Yasiin Bey. He ends the recording with the statement “No more parties in S.A.” and explains how he will be retiring from music and film immediately after he releases his final album later this year. We are looking forward to hearing and seeing Yasiin Bey and wish him the best of luck in his political endeavors. Make sure you stream his message below and as always

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Anderson .Paak| Malibu

“Music is not music without soul” and the 29 year old Oakland native Anderson .Paak is the definition of soul. Following his debut album Venice .Paak delivers yet another masterpiece with Malibu. The 16-track project is full of energy thanks to his funky beats, witty wordplay, and a charisma that the music industry has been lacking for a while now. You definitely can see the fruits of his labor from Dr. Dre’s Grammy nominated Compton album as he scored features from BJ The Chicago Kid, Rhapsody, and hip-hop legend Talib Kweli to name a few. .Paak shows his versatility as an artist as well as he not only sings but displays his rapping ability. The album doesn’t just sound good though, his music has a message highlighting the real life situations and perspectives many artists of his stature seem to either conveniently forget or consciously neglect for financial gain. .Paak is gearing up for a huge 2016 with his band The FREE NATIONALS as they are set to tour Europe in February and to perform at Coachella this upcoming April. Malibu is available for purchase on iTunes and Google Play.

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