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Lay Up

Some days you just feel like sleeping in all day with that special someone and forgetting about life’s problems only focusing on each others energy. Not only does Ella Mia relate but she made a song for such days with her latest release “lay Up” in which she soaks up sun vibes by the poolside enjoying dinner and life with her love. This single comes at the perfect time setting the tone for valentines day make sure you stream the video below and as always…

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The Afrikan Space Program

Today’s post comes from a talented producer who goes by the name of Ras G. Not too often does a sound tickle the ears as well as blow you away mentally, but leave it to Ras G and his comrades to produce a sound so unique that it requires you to listen numerous times before catching everything that is going on. Manipulating melodies and creating the perfect imperfect beat, making off-beat weirdness sound cool. Not only does he deliver sonic-ally but he accompanies his sound with intense visual concepts that accent the song well. The Los Angeles producer prides himself in making unconventional brilliant music while mixing genre’s creating a fusion that’s international. Delivering sounds seldom heard on the western hemisphere, opening a new world for the listener to explore. Make sure you check out Ras G song below and as always…

Appreciate The Art | Admire The Craft

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