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Kidswithsoul finds himself on our page today with their new music video for “King”, a single off his highly anticipated EP From Under. This track deals with Kidswithsoul’s battle of self, and finding out who he is and what he wants to accomplish. Taking on a militant mentality of him against society, battling to rise to the top.  With recent performances at SxSw and an upcoming show at the Paper Box in Brooklyn, NY he is well on his way. We look forward to seeing more of the guru soon, make sure you stream is video below and as always…

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New King of Comedy?

In today’s age their has been a surge with youth monetizing their social media accounts and becoming millionaires via the net, but rarely do you hear a story of a formally incarcerated inmate using his social media to turn tragedy into opportunity. Keraun Harris, a Houston native wasn’t always known around the world for his witty 15 seconds of comic relief. At 21 he was sentenced to a two and a half year sentence at The Texas State Petitionary, which served as a wake up call that fueled Keraun to turn his life around. After his release Harris began making comedy skits for vine and YouTube using his ails “King Keraun.” Creating funny and relatable videos about everyday life, relationships and sports. Keraun’s material is priceless and his timing  was perfect, large companies were beginning to shift their marketing and advertising towards network and social media marketing. Needless to say King Keraun’s videos got noticed, first locally then nationally. His videos caught the attention of media mogul Russell Simmons who took Keraun under his wing. His videos became a breeding ground for companies to advertise and brand their products. With 1.4 million IG followers, more than 100 million vine loops and over a million in Facebook likes it’s easy to see why. His wave turned him into an Internet celebrity/sensation overnight, as well as a lucrative businessman. We had the opportunity to cross paths with Keraun briefly at the SXSW music festival and it was nothing but love. Check out his videos below and see what he has to say about DABASSMENT BLOG!

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The Reach

Although California has been in a recent drought there has been no shortage of good music from The Golden State, which is evident on the up-and-coming artist Boogie’s 2015 mixtape The Reach. Growing up in the gang-infested culture that traps so many fellow Compton youth Boogie uses The Reach to give his perspective of the strife and struggles he’s witnessed in his lifetime. This lyrical assassin put his skills on display from the intro, having no features from any other rappers but still managing to keep the listeners engaged on every song. The thing that stands out most about the project is Boogie’s lack of fear allowing the listener into his world, whether he is speaking on his family, his environment, or getting shot and bouncing back better than ever. This thought provoking mixtape can be seen as a sign of inspiration for those who are currently where Boogie has been, showing them that it is possible to make it over your obstacles. Be expecting big things in 2016 from Boogie as he has recently signed a deal with Interscope Records.

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