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Today’s post comes from a well-known DC rapper Azizi Gibson as he ask questions about social injustices and provides solutions for the lost in his latest single ‘Levels’. The melodic production and smooth vocals invites you into a peaceful world that challenges the views and morals of  our society. Encouraging listeners to stay on the righteous path and come together so we can fix the hate in the world. Using his words as weapons of motivation for anyone who may be thinking about giving up. Make sure you stream this inspirational video below and as always…

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Joey Purp is reinventing the art of hustle. The 22-year old Chicago native come from the SaveMoney crew: a group of individual’s raising from the bottom with ambition and perseverance. Providing a voice that is relatable to the youth, painting a picture that they can understand. The latest project Joey released is call iiiDrops, an 11-track album which features popular artist like Chance the rapper, Vic Mensa and Mick Jenkins all heavy hitters coming out the Chicago area. Using his charisma to tackle the social injustice topics of Chicago, with his personal experiences to serve as an example and encourage listeners to deal with their problems head on. The production has a soulful gospels feel with a heavy horn sound that uplifts the soul. Providing that Sunday morning good feel in your speakers. All in all this project is a testimony to youth going through the struggle and need some direction. Make sure you stream the album and videos and as always…

Appreciate The Art | Admire The Craft.