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From Germany with Love.

With bringing in the New Year of 2017, Da Bassment Blog is spotlighting Germany’s very own, Ace Tee. Ace Tee brings us back into the 1990’s urban swag with inspiration from the hit girl groups, TLC and XSCAPE. “Bist tu Down” translated into English is “Are You Down?” . Of course you will be after embracing the art. For the video is spoken in the Germanic language. Visually you can see the heart of New York through graffiti work. Wearing the aesthic urban clothing of the 90’s era, Ace Tee and those she connects with, can all unargumentally be seen dancing and invoking the times that we have already left behind, but still are continually inspired by. It is an impeccable example of music bridging the gap between seas, time, and language barriers.
No doubt that Hip-Hop has changed our world. Leaving behind the negated world of Censorship Hip hop has been an outlet for those otherwise not able to express the visions, issues, and continuing changes of the world. From the early 1970’s into contemporary times you can see the formulation of a new wave for artist in the African American community to unleash changes in the culture of America as well as Globally. From music, clothing, visual mediums, and language, early hip hop birthed the way for African Americans to be front and center stage in impacting not only those in America but the others around the World. Give Ace Tee a listening ear….
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Remy Banks, a charismatic 26-year-old rapper from Queens outlines his entire life story with his recent 11 track project “Higher”. Raised in the hip hop Mecca, Remy focuses on changing the current state of rap in the big apple by resurrecting original hip hop sound and soul. Not trying to be cool or fit in but rather just be himself and trust his uniqueness will carve its own lane.  Remy’s organic effortless style creates a smooth, laid back feel that you would hear being played at your neighborhood barbecue in the summertime. Calling on producers like  Black Noi$e, King Krule, Left Brain, and artist Syd The Kyd, D.R.A.M., and Hak,  collectively they add their ingredients and spices to cook up this classic material. Remy casually separates himself from the crowd by not limiting his music into a specific box and following the age-old theory of keeping quiet and allowing the work to speak. “Higher” inspires others to be themselves and be products of their environment, encouraging listeners to talk about what they know and embrace the lessons learned growing up as well as encouraging his audience to find their own voice and not be afraid to express what you are going through because your peers or society thinks it’s not cool. Combating the evils of everyday life with the power of individuality and self love.  To hear Remy’s  “Higher” EP stream the video below and as always…

Appreciate The Art | Admire The Craft