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Lánre a British singer-songwriter breaks down the perfection’s and imperfections of life in her latest single “Human” which serves as a hopeful hymn pushing for togetherness throughout the universe. Touching on the duality of humanity, and how we must go through a journey and experience both sides of life, so why stress it. Reminding listeners that life is an adventure of up’s and downs, good and bad choices and right and wrong decisions. Lánre advise listeners not to get caught up in the day to day but rather find balance and peace through mistakes and accomplishments. Re-emphasizing that our imperfections are opportunities for light to shine in. Lánre majestic voice blends perfectly with the soulful acoustics and flawless production. Creating an uplifting and motivating energy that’s contagious to the ear once you hear it. Make sure you stream “Human” below and as always.

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