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Eargasm of the Week: “LOVE IS THE VISION” by Johnny Rain

Da Bassment’s Eargasm of the Week goes to “New Religion” by California-based singer Johnny Rain. Although Rain hasn’t exactly broken through into national recognition yet, he is well on his way. With his polished sound and unorthodox approach to music. This new uplifting single off his latest project titled “11” is a masterpiece. That instantly grabs your attention with its high-energy acoustic instruments accompanied by inspirational lyrics about using love as religion. “New Religion” gives off a subtle gospel feel with an undertone of repetitive handclaps that has become synonymous with songs being sung in church. Creating a joyful and pleasant sound that instantly draws you in with melodic chord progression and a voice that soothes the soul.  Giving you the feeling that everything will be alright while focusing on topics that most artist seldom speak on, Johnny takes you to church so to say with this song of celebration. Radiating good vibes through the speakers “New Religion” is a song that you can listen to while cleaning your room or motivation before riding to work. Press play on the song below, and you won’t be disappointed. Make sure you stay tuned for more in culture art and music here at Da Bassment.





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Eargasm of the Week: “Is It Possible” by China-Marie

Da Bassment’s Eargasm of the Week goes to “Is It Possible” by China-Marie. This smooth melodic tune is the 1st single from her highly anticipated debut EP Potpurri. The acoustic feel of the song provides a breath of fresh air compared to some of the 808 heavy R&B out today. The way China-Marie’s sweet vocals seem to float over the track makes you wonder how is it possible NOT to love this stunning songstress. Be on the lookout for Potpurri which is set to release this month, but in the meantime “Is It Possible” is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

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Eargasm of the Week: “Go” by Mathaius Young

Every now and then you come across a dope artist on Soundcloud that has little to no public recognition but is in dire need, that is exactly what I found with 19-year old Mathaius Young, hailing from Indianapolis. Not exactly the first place that comes to mind when you think hip-hop, but dude is crazy. The first song I listened to was, “Go,” featuring Drayco McCoy. However, after a deeper spiral into his Soundcloud page I discovered more goodies like the highly recommended song “24/7”. Did I mention he’s a producer too? Mathaius produced most of his songs on his self-entitled EP “Mathaius Young” as well as plenty of his other records. Approaching his music with a dark methodical feel you are spun into a wave filled with heavy 808’s accompanied by a raspy undertone, which immediately catches the ear. This unique sound is definitely in a lane of its own, you can listen to Youngs music while riding out or before turning up because he offers a versatility and energy that’s refreshing in today’s music.

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