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Today’s post comes from a sourer of sound who goes by Deniro Farrar releasing his visual masterpiece “duality”. In this video Deniro breaks the mold of traditional music video structure, going against what a modern day rap video looks like, doing away with the money, cars, clothes and hoes mentality. Instead he is depicted in the woods because it’s his natural habitat. Creating the portal to reconnect with life and what is real. Speaking on his two sided-personality and being able to balance both. This video and production is perfect and is a breath of fresh air make sure you stream below and as always…

Appreciate The Art | Admire The Craft



Today we give you a musical genius who experiments with instruments the way an artist does paint. His recent visual to the song ‘Brea’ contains no words however the instrumentation provides its own story.  Graced by the beauty of a Ballerina in environments uncommon for a professional dancer, showing duality and two perspective’s  of the spectrum. This theme resides throughout the video with the black and white treatment shoots connecting conceptually to the song. Oddisee spends his day wandering the streets, while the elegant ballerina acts as a guardian angel watching every moment of failure and success channeling her emotion through dance. Mimicking each other  while demonstrating balance until they  eventually combining energies to duel humorously while celebrating and trading moves. Check out “Brea” below and as always…

Appreciate The Art | Admire The Craft

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