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Oshun has been soaring into the stratosphere with their recent array of music, visuals and fashion creating art with a message, embedding culture and invoking thought into their listeners touching on modern day topics while connecting them to  divine/ancient law. The title of their latest single is called “Sango” (God of Thunder) which is the equal and opposite to Oshun, a masculine energy for balancing the female energy “Oshun”. This all may seem a bit mythological but Oshun connects this african myth/folktale into modern day relationships we face today. Confirming that nothing is new under the sun and how we are all one whether we realized it or not.  As always they depict beautiful cultured art pushing the envelop with visuals and fashion summoning vibes from the ancestors. Make sure you stream this video below and as always…

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“Feminist Gang”

Today’s post comes from the divine entity Coco Mamba and her righteous girl gang as they make a statement with her latest single “Tell Me Bout It”. The conscious queens take to the streets and provide justice to the oppressed. Fighting back against abusers and harassment letting their listeners know it’s never okay to be victim. Do yourself a favor and check out these street superhero’s go to work below and as always…


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Brookyln’s Dyme-A-Duzin elevates the game giving his listeners a glimpse of his home town Utica Ave in his recent single “That Chicken.” Dyme contemplates his darker perception of life while bending corners in his hood as he visits the local gas station and corner store, capturing everyday life organically. Dyme finds his sound with smooth, subtle melodies that create a melancholy feel, building on the tension of the sounds that marry to the electric celestial. “That Chicken” is a motivating tool for viewers to stop making excuses and just get it! Stream this video below and as always

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Phony PPL

Nine-piece band Phony Ppl creates music that feels wise beyond its years, especially since the members of the group are just out of high school. Through hard word and countless hours of practicing they were able to produce a unique sound, which they niche as “Brooklyn Soul,” an acoustic swirl of jazz, R&B and hip-hop which include guitarist, sax, bass and more. Phony Ppl Recently released their debut album Phonyland early quarter 2016, collectively they have come together to create a sound which elevates consciousness with jazz and swooning rhythm and blues hooks and smooth rap verses. Do yourself a favor and stream the content below. And as Always…

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What’s Beef

The legendary Notorious B.I.G posed the question what’s beef, describing the differences between frivolous rap beef, which is resolved with a diss record or a battle, and real life beef which is “when you need two gats to go to sleep”. Biggie would know this best, being that beef led to his and Tupac Shakur’s untimely death in the late 90’s. Which makes you wonder what mere words can lead to a disagreement going from music to life and death. Recently, indie mastermind Joey Bada$$ released a single called “Ready”, where he boasts about his album sales as well as throwing shots at Troy Ave claiming his Pro Era crew mate Kirk Knight sold more than Troy Ave. Joey proclaims himself as the number one independent hip–hop artist in the country, and he has the numbers to back it up. Based on the sales of his debut album B.4.DA.$$, he moved  60k his first week. While Troy Ave, debut LP Major Without a Deal sold less than 5k units its first week. Troy feeling some type of way replied with a subliminal tweet calling Bada$$ a “fake independent” because of his distribution deal with Sony Red (which doesn’t change that he’s still an independent artist, by definition). This whole beef seemed petty with two artist disputing about album sales. Joey claimed the two emcees patched up their differences and had mutual respect for each other in a Hot 97 interview. Since they allegedly made amends, it seems Troy Ave’s feelings were clearly hurt by Bada$$ comments on his single “Ready”. So hurt in fact, that he quickly responded with a four minute long diss track. Troy spends most of the track claiming nobody cares about Joey’s indie success since he doesn’t get radio airplay, but he takes the reignited beef to a whole new unnecessary level disrespecting the late and great Capital Steez. Wishing that he burned in hell, and clowning Steez for committing suicide. Putting this beef on a whole new echelon of sensitivity, sounding like a sore loser throwing a tempter tantrum, shouting the most ignorant words he can think, just because he got called out on the truth. Statistically Joey is more successful than Troy, the sales and sold-out shows speak for themselves. It’s one thing to start a beef with a fellow artist it’s another to attack a dead man who can’t defend himself. Creating some of the most offensive bars ever spat on a diss track: this is up there with Pac threatening Biggie’s life or Jay-Z explaining how he banged the mother of Nas’ child in her backseat. Name-calling, dissing significant others, and even death threats is one thing: but dissing an enemy’s deceased homie is a no-no in hip hop. To hear the songs click the link below and as always

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Van Gogh!


We all like artist for different reasons. Some listen for style and delivery, others for punchlines and hooks, but seldom do you run across a talent who has the whole package. Fresco Van Gogh, a native from Brooklyn New York, is spreading his wings in the Atlanta scene with his new project coming out first quarter this year called Brooklyn, GA. Van Gogh established a solid buzz in 2015 but is looking to make a splash in the industry this year. With a heavy 808 sounds accompanied with vigilant lyrics Van Gogh creates a perfect blend of East Coast gritty rap with a Down South “boomtrap” production, making it easy to see why this album will be a recipe for success. Fresco brings substance and content with thought provoking songs like “Stalin Freestyle” where he encourages you to stop staling in life and get out and get it, and “UNDRFTD” a single where he lets it be known he is not looking for any hand-outs  understanding his potential and knowing his future is in his handsChoosing the name Van Gogh automatically raises the bar of expectations and Fresco surely meets those expectations. Using his words to paint a picture for the listener and great production as his canvas when you hear Van Gogh’s music you can’t help to compare his music to a masterpiece. 

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