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OBaby, born Otis Mathis, is a DJ and producer. The Cleveland native has had his hands in music, directly and indirectly, for over 15 years. This journey began with his grade school bands earning All-City recognition playing the trumpet, eventually releasing two underground mixtapes (as a rapper), before making the transition to a DJ in 2010 and producer in 2013. As a youth, OBaby dreamed of being a journalist for a hip-hop magazine like The Source or XXL, breaking new artists to the world, and through the creation of Da Bassment he gets the opportunity to bring that dream into fruition for ALL factions of art.



Pxvce, formerly known as Carl Houston, has always had an ear for music since a youth. Growing up in Cleveland Ohio he was constantly around musicians giving him a wide variety of musical interest. As a child he began playing the drums, specializing in genres such as gospel, jazz, and hip hop. Being surrounded by the music his entire life he always wanted to create a site that embodies music, but also the art and culture that accompanies it . He aspires to break artist of all walks of life who may not get the recognition they deserve because they are independent, so creating Da Bassment just seemed right. “Music is in me and I just want to share the sounds and ideas of the culture with the world”.

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