Land of The G’s

Big ups to the young guru Vince Ash as he blesses our page with his latest single “Land of the G’s”. This single reminds you of the golden era of hip hop with sampled boom bap instrumentals accompanied with metaphorical lyrics and a militant cadence. Showing the reality and living conditions of most poverty stricken neighborhoods, using his visuals and words to serve as a reflection of the struggle. Capturing everyday life while questioning why so many neighborhoods suffer from the same problems. Invoking thought by showing the desolation and abandonees of the streets as well as lack of nutrition with limited options of fast food and liquor stores, but Ash gives a solution as well. He encourages listeners to keep their head up and remain focused amidst the bullshit, search for knowledge and practice self-love to make it in the “Land of the G’s”. Make sure you stream below and as always…

Appreciate The Art | Admire The Craft

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