K-Drama Interview

K-Drama is a Christian rapper from Cincinnati, Ohio that has been rapping for over 10 years and has now made it his full time job. Drama was in search of a way to express his thoughts and when he became a Christian, he noticed rapping was his calling. While in high school he was encouraged by his friends to perform at different shows and his career took off from there. Around the same time he began rapping, he also started producing. As he began to write and take the craft seriously, he needed beats. Initially Drama started with presets from his keyboard, as he kept learning and seeking knowledge from people already in the industry, he got better. The dedication paid off, in 2008 Drama produced on the Grammy nominated album “Our World: Redeemed” by Flame who is also a Christian rapper.

Drama has had success charting on Billboard for two of his own albums, “We Fit: Workout Plan” and “Winds and Waves” which he released independently. He credits the exposure to the promotion and marketing he had from his previous record deal with Cross Human Records. Cross Human Records had a distribution deal with Sony, which also helped with his exposure and being noticed by the large platforms. He says the benefit to charting on Billboard is the exposure and it looks good on your resume to record executives. Although Drama has signed in the past, he says in 2016 you do not need a record deal. In today’s world, your talent and work ethic will speak for itself.

For up and coming artists he says the key is staying persistent and just being a student to the game and always being around the studio. Grinding and networking with people is very necessary to be successful. One thing that he notices about up and coming artists is that they forget to interact with their fans. “It’s very important to develop a relationship with fans, respond to their tweets and keep them engaged because there is so much music coming out that it’s easy to be forgotten.” He feels that it is very necessary to appreciate those who appreciate you. In the end, the fans will promote you and be your billboards in today’s social media age.

As you continue to grow, Drama says that it is very important to not surround yourself with yes men. He goes on to say “Find people who don’t like what you do that can give you constructive criticism so that you can improve so you don’t hear it from anyone else.

Drama is currently working on his eighth album which is titled “The 8th” which he says means new beginnings. The album is available on all major platforms. Be sure to follow and interact with K-Drama on social media @kdrama513.

Catch the full interview below

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